How to trace someone across social media platforms

People have, on average, 7 social media accounts, according to Brandwatch. When you are looking into social media accounts, this is a helpful statistic to keep in mind. It isn’t unusual to find closed accounts during an investigation.

You can look for other social media accounts owned by your target as an alternative.

You can track your target through various social media sites, assuming that we already know our target’s username(s) as this will save you a lot of time, which can, in turn, be used for other activities, such as the actual review of all the collected information. Now we are talking about;

WhatsMyName Web App

WhatsMyName is the tool I wish to highlight. I want to show you, in particular, the web application that OSINT Combine created in collaboration with the original author, Micah (@webbreacher), and other WhatsMyName contributors.

source: osintcurious

It is super quick with an easy to use interface and requires no further clarification. Simply copy the username to the search bar and paste it. To refine your searches, you can click a category on the right side of the interface.

For instance, if you know that a skater is your target, first you will want to check skating sites. Generally, as you can find interesting leads. I searched for a person a week ago, and to my surprise, I found interesting details on a Yoga forum, something I never expected from the user.

WhatsMyName is Python-based in its original form. WhatsMyName’s GitHub repository is available here. Since then, it has been incorporated into a range of other OSINT instruments, such as Spiderfoot, Recon-NG, and Sn0int.

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